Lothlorien- Quest of the Ringbearer   Leave a comment

Pursued by yet more Goblins the Fellowship hurry across the elven bridge into the woods of Lothlorien
With the howls of the Wargs coming from all sides Strider races the hobbits away from the goblins. Legolas is trapped but pushes his foes back . Then the terrible Warg chieftain arrived and readies his pack for the kill.
However at this point a patrol of wood elves led by the heroic Haldir emerges from the Gazebo. Together they pour all their shots into the hapless warg chieftain and slay him ! Amazing it was a one in 6 chance they a
ppear right by the chieftain and good rolled it !

With the mighty Strider clearing the way ahead and the deadly Gimli and Boromir defending the rear it was soon possible for the hobbits to escape. Haldir and his wood elves attacked the Wargs thus saving the beleaguered Legolas too. Well done good player.

Posted May 24, 2021 by wargamesdiary in Middle earth sbg, Miniatures

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